How BenchBoss Works

  1. Use the camera on your mobile device to syncronize with a game on TV. more
  2. Use group codes to play with friends watching the same game. more
  3. Choose PASS, RUSH or DEF for each offensive play. more
  4. Score fantasy points when your selection matches the outcome of the play. more

BenchBoss lets you make a simple prediction for every offensive play in a single game. Instead of selecting players, you'll be choosing between PASS, RUSH or DEF for each play.

Each play has a net positive outcome that will award points to PASS, RUSH or DEF. You score fantasy points when you make the right pick.

Scores are accumulated by quarter, which you can see at all times. Players also have access to a leader board to see where they are currently ranked amongst the group that they are playing with.

Choosing A Game

The Lobby

After you sign into the BenchBoss app, you will be presented with The Lobby, where games are listed that are available for you to play. The Lobby shows games in progress, games not yet started, and completed games for the current week of the season.

You may select any game in progress to begin playing. Due to the nature of TV broadcast latencies, you may not be able to access a game until it's scheduled start time.

Group Play

With BenchBoss, you can play by yourself, or with a group of friends. No matter how you play, the points you accumulate can be compared to others playing the same game.

After you select a game that you want to play, you will be asked how you would like to play.

TV Syncronization

After selecting your play mode, you will be asked to syncronize your mobile device with the TV where you are watching the game. This syncronization allows you, the player, to make decisions in real time as you see them on TV.

When you want to start playing a game, BenchBoss will prompt you to position the TV you're watching inside a frame on your screen. Once the TV is completely inside the frame, tap the "Scan" button on your screen and hold your device still while it takes a brief capture of the video on your TV.

After a few seconds, BenchBoss will typically determine the station you're watching and confirm the game that you've requested. If syncronization is successful, you will enter the game and you can start to play along.

Tips For TV Syncronization
  • Try not to syncronize during a commercial break.
  • For best results, syncronize during the game coverage (pre-game discussion, Star Spangled Banner, etc).
  • You will not be able to attempt syncronization until the scheduled start time of the game.

Playing The Game


For each offensive play of the game you're watching you will choose one of three options and try to predict the outcome of the play. Until you see the play start, you are free to change your pick. Once the play starts on your TV screen, your choice will be committed, and you will not be able to choose again until the next play.

You will see how many points you scored on your device after the play on TV is complete and the results determined. Depending on the play, this may take several seconds to determine (pending penalties or challenges).

After a brief display of the results, your device will reset and you'll be able to make a selection for the next play.

Making Picks

On most plays you will be presented with three options: PASS, RUSH and DEF. When you tap one of these options, it will highlight and stay highlighted until you change it to something else.

You are free to change your pick up until the time that the play starts on your TV screen (when the ball is snapped). After the play starts your device will lock the selection controls and wait for results of the play that is unfolding on your TV.

Play Results

Once the play has finished on your TV screen, you will receive the results of that play within a few seconds. The results will display for a few seconds, and then you'll return to the screen that allows you to pick again.

If you scored any points on the play, those points will be added to your quarter and final total. Your rank on the leaderboard may also change if needed.

Slow Results

Results will come only after the play's outcome has been determined. Expect delays when there are penalty flags or coach's challenges that occur.

Updated Results

Occasionally, the results of a play will be updated well after the play happened, and after you've already seen results. When this occurs, your point total shown at the top of the screen will update to reflect the correct total and you will receive no message.



When the net outcome of the play is a completed pass for positive yards, players who selected PASS will receive points based on the following calculations:

  • Completed pass for a gain of 12 yards = 0.48 points (12 * 0.04)
  • Completed pass for a loss of 2 yards = 0.0 points
  • Incomplete pass attempt = 0.0 points
  • Completed pass for a gain of 47 yards and a touchdown = 5.88 points (47 * 0.04 + 4)


When the net outcome of the play is a rush for positive yards (any player), players who selected RUSH will receive points based on the following calculations:

  • Rush for a gain of 8 yards = 0.8 points (8 * 0.1)
  • Rush for a loss of 2 yards = 0.0 points
  • Rush for a gain of 25 yards and a touchdown = 8.5 points(25 * 0.1 + 6)


When the net outcome of the play is not positive for PASS or RUSH, players who selected DEF will receive points based on the following calculations:

  • Completed pass for 4 yards = 0.0 points
  • Completed pass for a loss of 2 yards = 0.7 points
  • Incomplete pass attempt = 0.7 points
  • Quarterback sacked for a loss of 7 yards = 1.7 points (1 + 0.7)
  • Pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown = 8 points (2 + 6)

2-pt Conversions

On 2-pt conversion, 2 pts will be awarded to the selection corresponding to the net positive outcome of the play.


While you're playing, you can click on the rank icon in the upper-right corner of the game screen. This will show you the leaderboard for the game you're playing.

If you're playing with a group of friends, the leaderboard will show where you rank in that group of players. If you're playing with everyone, the leaderboard will show your overall (global) rank, and the players around you.

Non-Scoring Plays

Players will have no ability to receive points on certain types of plays.

Special Teams

Note About Field Goals & Punts

Players will be allowed to make a prediction on field goal attempts and punts. If the offense fakes the field goal or punt, the play will be subject to the appropriate scoring calculations.


When an accepted penalty negates a play, no players will receive points for their selection. Some penalties are enforced after the results of the play. In these cases points will be awarded based on the results of the play.