Scoring System

Note: the app may differ from images shown here.

Points may change

The point values assigned to each prediction option may change throughout the season in response to player feedback and analytics data. Our goal is to have a balanced system, which may require tweaking the scoring system as the season develops.

In BenchBoss you can tap on different predictions and earn points when you are correct. Each prediction option has a point value shown, representing how many points you will receive if your prediction is correct. There are prediction options for every possible formation, affording players the opportunity to score points on every play of the game.

Simple offensive example

The following image shows the options for a regular offensive play:

Offensive prediction options

In the offensive formation you can choose up to 1 option from the group of 6 play types on the left, and up to 1 option from the group of play results on the right.

In the image above, we can see that the player has predicted that the next play will be a LONG PASS and that it will result in an OFF TD (offensive touchdown). These two options are worth 11 and 10 points respectively, so if the next play does, in fact, result in a long passing touchdown, this player will be awarded 21 points. If the play is a LONG PASS but does not result in a touchdown, the player will receive 11 points.

Offensive formation

Players may choose up to 1 play type option in the offensive formation. There are 6 options for the type of play:

For pass attempts, SHORT or LONG is determined based by either the distance in the air or the total length of the play including YAC (yards after catch). For example, a screen pass that results in a 20 yard gain will count both as a SHORT PASS (distance in air was <= 15 yards) and as a LONG PASS (length of play was >= 15 yards).

Pass and rush attempts that are exactly 15 or 5 yards respectively will count as both SHORT and LONG (a push). For example, a rush for 5 yards will count both for SHORT RUSH and for LONG RUSH.

In addition to the type of play, the offensive formation also allows you to predict the outcome. Players may choose up to 1 option from the following results:

For both the type of play as well as the result, players can make up to 1 prediction. Each of the following predictions are possible:

This scoring system allows players to play more aggressively with more detailed predictions, or conservatively with higher probability predictions for lower points.

Other formations

The other formations work similarly to the offensive formation. Some of the other formations do not offer a multi-part prediction option. The XP formation, for example, only allows you to select whether the extra point attempt will succeed, fail or be blocked.

Player card bonuses

In addition to earning points from your predictions, you can also earn points from player cards. At the start of each period you will have the option of selecting up to 3 player cards (of players in the game you're watching/playing). Any time you make a successful prediction and one of the players you've selected is a participant in the play, you receive the bonus points displayed on the face of the player card.

Click here to learn more about player cards.