Player Cards

In BenchBoss you can collect player cards to help you score bonus points when you make correct predictions. There are cards for all players at each of the following positions:

Player card quality

Sample player cards

Each player card comes in one of 3 qualities:

As illustrated in the sample image above, a player's Gold card will be worth more bonus points than the Silver card, which is worth more than the Bronze card. Each card's bonus points are displayed on the card face.

Our goal is to make each active player's card viable (even punters), so each card's bonus points are subject to change at any time based on the gaming environment. This means that less-frequently used cards may get higher bonus points assigned to entice more usage, and heavily used cards might see lower bonus points. There is no guarantee that this will happen, but it is a possibility.

Getting player cards

Add cards to your collection by winning card packs, which each contain 5 random player cards. There are several ways to earn card packs, but the most common will be:

Future features

In the future we plan to allow you to "craft" better (higher quality) cards by combining a number of lower quality cards. We may also allow you to trade cards with your friends.

Managing your player cards

In the app there is a simple Card Manager feature that allows you to view and filter your card collection by position and/or team. You can see which players & qualities you currently own, as well as which ones you are missing.

Using player cards

When you join a game for the first time, and again at the start of each quarter you will be allowed to select up to 3 player cards from your collection. You only get to make this choice once, and once you use a player card (of any quality), that player will not be available to you for the rest of the game.

This makes card selection tricky, as you must predict who is likely to control the ball, and what type of game they'll be playing for the upcoming quarter. You may have saved your Tom Brady card for the 4th quarter, but if the Patriots have a big lead he may not contribute many bonus points.

Scoring bonus points

When you have a player's card selected for the quarter you're playing, you will score bonus points each time you make a correct prediction and that player was a contributor to the play.

For example, if you have an Aaron Rodgers (+2) card selected, and Aaron Rodgers throws a pass that you correctly predict you will receive points from your correct prediction as well as +2 bonus points from the player card. If any part of your prediction is incorrect, you will not score any bonus points from your player cards.