Week 4 Winner!

October 2, 2018

For week 4, like week 3, we’re paying a single $100 prize to the player with the largest single-game score.  For week 4, that winner is Rich Scott, who scored a whopping 736 points in the Texans/Colts game on Sunday afternoon.  Rich just barely edged out the next highest score of 707 points, which also came […]

Week 3 Winner!

September 25, 2018

For week 3 we’re paying a single $100 prize to the player with the largest single-game score.  That winner is Karl Davison, who scored 464 points in the Jets/Browns game on Thursday night.  There were several scores in each game that came close, but Karl’s performance on Thursday night was the best. Congratulations Karl!

Week 3 Contest & Prizes

September 20, 2018

For week 3 we’re offering $100 for the top overall performance.  One person will win for week 3 by producing the highest score out of the 4 games we’re hosting this week. Step 1: Play BenchBoss along with any of 4 week 3 games This week we’re hosting the following games: Jets @ Browns Colts […]

Congratulations Week 2 Winners!

September 19, 2018

In week 2 we paid out $200 in prizes to two different winners. Once again, Zach Downer was a big winner, taking the top scoring spot in 3 games: Ravens @ Bengals, Patriots @ Jaguars and Giants @ Cowboys.  Zach added $150 to his wallet in week 1. On Monday night, Brad Carson was the […]

Week 2 Contest & Prizes

September 13, 2018

For week 2 we’re offering $50 for the top overall performance in each of 4 games we’re hosting this weekend. Step 1: Play BenchBoss along with any of 4 week 2 games This week we’re hosting the following games: Ravens @ Bengals Patriots @ Jaguars Giants @ Cowboys Seahawks @ Bears Step 2: Be the […]

Congratulations Week 1 Winners!

September 11, 2018

Thanks to everyone who came out to play in Week 1.  As promised, we’re rewarding the top overall scorer in each of the 3 games we hosted in week 1 with $25. Falcons @ Eagles – TNF Zach Downer was the overall high scorer with 329 points.  He literally edged out the next best player […]

Week 1 Regular Season Contest & Prizes

September 5, 2018

After about 6 months, real football is back.  Starting with week 1, you can play along with the primetime games, and get paid for doing it (provided you’re good enough).  We’re offering cash prizes for simply being good at watching football.  Here’s how it works. Step 1: Play BenchBoss along with any of 3 primetime […]

Something For Nothing: Value Draft Players

August 8, 2018

by Andrew Melendez   Once upon a time some of these picks were overvalued and essentially disappointed us all, but this year will be different! For most of these people this is a make it or break it year, and if they don’t perform, chances are they won’t be in the same role they are […]

Playable Demo Is Live!

August 2, 2018

It’s taken a minute, but the BenchBoss playable demo is finally available: https://benchboss.tv/demo It’s a pretty simple process to try out BenchBoss: Download the app to your mobile device* Launch the video simulation on a separate device, like a tablet, computer or smart TV* Play along in the app *There are links for steps 1 […]

Booms and Busts: Let’s Predict!

July 24, 2018

by Andrew Melendez, BenchBoss contributor There may be a lack of football action on the field at this time of year, but there is no offseason for fantasy football fans! Welcome to fantasy football analysis, BenchBoss edition. As I have learned throughout the years of fantasy seasons, you always want to pick opportunity over talent. […]

Playable Demo Coming Soon!

July 18, 2018

I’m not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner, but very soon (as in within the next week) we’ll launch a playable demo that will allow you take BenchBoss for a spin to see how it works. How it will work The BenchBoss app in the app stores will be updated with all of […]

Finding Your Perfect Mid-round Receiver

July 18, 2018

It is easy to fall victim to popular opinion in fantasy sports. As fictional GM’s, we want to be seen as the football savants we wish we were. We flock to the big names: Beckham, Brown, and Jones are sure to all go in the first few rounds, but I would like to highlight those […]

The Biggest Tip to Outsmarting Other Draft Owners

July 16, 2018

If you’re like most serious fantasy players, then you’ve probably been in a league with the same owners for a long time.  If this is the case for you, then you’re in luck, because you are probably sitting on a mountain of information that you can use against all the other owners in your league.  […]

Digging for Gold in Last Year’s IR

July 5, 2018

We had a lot of great fantasy players go down during the 2017 – 2018 season. Although plenty of players like Odell Beckham Jr and Carson Wentz still look to go in the first few rounds, let’s take a look at those players you and your league may have pushed to the side.  Below are […]

Fantasy Football: Past, Present and Future

June 13, 2018

Fantasy football has grown to be as ubiquitous in American pop-culture as the NFL, and it only continues to expand its reach. There is no doubt that the NFL profits from this union, but it would shock a lot of fantasy newcomers to know that this was not always the case. As with any seemingly […]