Recruiting Beta Testers For Play-By-Play Fantasy Football

What is BenchBoss?

BenchBoss is a play-by-play fantasy football app that you play while watching a football game on TV. Make predictions in real time about each play as you try to outscore your friends and fans across the country.

In traditional fantasy football you manage a roster like a GM or owner. With BenchBoss you must think like the players & coaches on the field. Pick correctly and you'll score fantasy points; pick wrong and you'll risk falling behind.

Complete achievements, level up and earn in-game currency to win prizes. Your football day will never be the same!

Learn How To Play BenchBoss

Play Anywhere

Your couch, favorite bar or even the in-laws

Challenge Friends & Fans

See how you stack up across the country

Win Prizes

Complete achievements, level up and score serious loot